Looking for a list of web 2.0 sites for ideas

The web 2.0 theme, which can be found on a ton of web app-type services, is something I am trying to become more familiar with along with its merits and demerits. To that end, can people either list some web 2.0 sites off the top of their head, or point me to an existing resource or write up on 2.0 design theory?

To give you an idea of what I am talking about just in case the 2.0 name doesnt give you a good picture:


and so on. Apologies that this list is so short… but I think you will get the idea of what I am talking about organizationally/aesthetically by visiting. (Something about these sites scream startup, even if they aren’t much of a startup.)

I am especially looking for sites that are app-driven and some sort of community aspect, either a forum or something else. (hasoffers is not good on this point, but it has that 2.0 charm.)

I hope that this isn’t hopelessly vague. I know 2,0 is just a buzzword but I have noticed a startling amount of consistency in the past several years with 2.0 trends. I am just looking for design ideas, especially for creating a design that will both be around an app/product but also have significant community aspect.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I always find that one of the best places for inspiration are CSS galleries like CSS Drive. They’re a dime a dozen and easily found on Google so have a quick look and find some sites that you like the look of.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will likely look at CSS down the line. Right now I am trying to focus on (I think) even more basic things, like the layout of the site and front page presentation. It’s a bit complicated… but I am wondering how some pages incorporate community aspects into a paid service, and how they accordingly organize their front page. All pretty high level at the moment – I am currently just drawing various wireframes before I start detailing them after noting what I like about different sites.

I’m still taking suggestions :slight_smile:

I like visiting webappers it not always just about designs but they have a lot of cool stuff there and it’s updated regularly.

I also like to visit designbombs this one is all about finding inspiration from good designs.

But like ultimate said, Google can find you many of these types of sites.

Two things:

One, the term “web 2.0” is a marketing term, as you note. Some people associate it with bright colors, lots of whitespace, rounded corners, lots of gradients and lens flares, etc, but it really is meaningless.

Second, it’s a little unkosher to “threadbump,” as you did here:

Just sayin’. :slight_smile:

I know 2.0 is not that descriptive, but that’s why I gave a few sites as examples. I’m specifically looking for newish web app-based sites with community aspects, hopefully with a paid app (instead of a free one) but I am willing to make do with either :). Have any suggestions?

Thanks for the sites w3wizard. I always like adding another good webdesign blog to my feeds.