No Login? No Dashboard? No Joy!

I’ve purchased several courses from Sitepoint (love ya!)

Okay, now that I’ve buttered you up, can I ask: Why is there no login link on the home page, sitemap, or just about any page I’ve looked at that shows all of my paid products? I’d like to be able to login to some dashboard and view all of my paid courses, access my pdf downloads, etc. Right now, it seems that I have to save links to each course I buy.

If there is some dashboard that shows all of my purchased courses and other Sitepoint products, I can’t find it (and, there should be some lesson there for you folks who teach website usability)!

If there isn’t some dashboard that shows all of my purchased courses and other Sitepoint products… then, duh, please add one.

You can view all purchased books/ebooks here:

Not sure about courses though. Each course has its own dashboard, to which links are sent after purchase. I agree, though, it would be nice to have one central page that listed everything.

Thank you for your reply. When I click on the link you provided, I’m given a page into which I’m asked to provide my Email Address and Order Number.

But, again, this is therefore tied to a specific PDF file. We are told, “If a title you purchased is not listed, click here to log in again with your latest order number.” Sheesh. And, I note that a password is not being requested to get the PDF file. I guess the combination of email address and order number is secure enough.

But, still, no joy for the SitePoint fans who just want to go to ONE page to see their membership stats, their courses, their available downloads, their preferences, etc.

Of all websites to have a major website usability problem, I wouldn’t have thought it would be SitePoint. Please SitePoint: give us a dashboard!

It’s a fair request. But in the meantime, I just have bookmarked links to the pages I need, and it’s so quick to jump to them that I never think about it, really.

Well, not necessarily. It’s smarter that that. When I log in, I see a long list of all the PDFs I’ve ever bought, with download links to each version (ebook, epub etc).

I agree. I have bought several of the courses and wanted to go back to see if I had purchased one that was being offered in the Christmas sales–there’s no way to login to a course except through the email link.

I also just bought a number of the specials (was waiting for them all to come back - as in previous years) and of course I already downloaded all 14 of the books I bought but it would be nice to have a bonifide “profile” where I could access all of them and, moreover, easily get to the three courses that I’ll be taking.

Sitepoint’s forums and tuts have helped me out of many a jam in my professional life so far and I really appreciate you guys (the site, the books, the forums, the Christmas deals, and all), however I do believe the earlier commenter had a good point about usability - which is why I titled this post as I did.

I hope you guys will make the modification at some point, and thanks for (otherwise) being all around great guys!

(title was: “I agree and so would Steve Krug, methinks! ;)” )

I agree. I just searched for ‘course login’ and found … this page.