Locked Threads

Can a person post to a locked thread? (I assume the answer is “No”)

You assume correctly. (It would hardly be locked if it were open, now would it? wink)

You can click on the date stamp of a post and start a related topic, though:


Typically, locked topics are locked for a reason. i.e. The OP never returned to that topic, the topic got out of hand and what’s been discussed has fallen off topic, or something else.

Posting to older threads makes no sense now would it? If you want to post something relating to it, you can create your own thread and reference that locked thread. If it’s your own question, then it would make sense to just ask it in a new thread instead of hijacking someone else’s thread.

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Forum threads generally auto-close (lock) three months after the last post. By that stage, the discussion has gone stale and it’s better to start a new thread than to dredge up an old one.

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This is what I dislike about these new SP forums - 3 months is too short a time. Sometimes I would like to reply to a thread older than that (of course in a way that makes sense) but because I can’t I simply don’t and leave. I think it’s too much effort to start a new thread and begin it by referencing the old thread and saying I want to reply to something from the other thread - the flow of information is simply broken. Also, the older thread should then have a reference to my new thread, which I can’t make. I think one year should be the minimum.

I’ve seen many cases of discussions elsewhere when there were replies after 6 or 7 years and they all made perfect sense! Much better than having a single topic split into several disconnected threads because of auto-locking. If a discussion is moving slowly in time it doesn’t mean it’s meaningless. A much better idea would be to simply put up a warning when trying to resurrect an old thread instead of blocking it.


I agree!!

(And that is sort of what I was implying when I posted earlier…)

I have to say, if someone posted a reply to one of my threads after 3 months I would be on the next chapter by then.


It might be worth us looking at whether or not we could set different time limits on different categories. I take your point that some threads are worth returning to after some months, but others really are not. (Topics in Marketing and Social Media in particular spring to mind here.)

Meanwhile, there are two ways to reply to a post as a new topic, both of which should automatically cross-link the old and the new. Either use the link from the post date stamp, as described above, or navigate to the relevant post using j / k, then use t to start a new topic.

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