Why can not edit own post?

I made a post that I wanted to edit. I found no way of editing it. I thought there used to be a way to do so. Can we edit our own threads?

Hi artcoder,
Once a post has been live for a certain amount of time it becomes locked in order to retain the integrity of the forums.

If you need to edit the post for security reasons, please contact a moderator.

That’s ridiculous. Especially as in the FAQs is says you can easily edit your posts with the Edit button - a button that doesn’t exist! Surely also you should be able to delete a thread if no one else has replied to it. Sitepoint - please sort this out.

The FAQ refers to posts that are still editable. From memory you have a week before they become locked.

We won’t be sorting it out - it’s a relatively new rule which we have instated because people were going back and editing sections out of old posts, meaning they made no sense any more. You have to remember that a big part of the usefulness of a forum is for people searching historical posts for questions that have already been answered.

It used ot be a week but it has been reduced to 1 minute (it seems more now). It’s to stop spam. Spammers would post a legal post and then edit it back with illegal content.

I understand the spam problem all too well, but perhaps even a 15-30min window to edit the post would be more reasonable.

Hmmmm… I have to agree with you there topmonkey, but it’s not my call to make.
I’ll draw it to the attention of the other staff for discussion.

Personally I don’t see the point of even a 1minute window.
1 minute is more then enough time to inject spam. But it’s their call.

One minute is just enough time to hit submit, realise you left a typo in what you typed and go back in and fix the typo.

Since few others are likely to see the email in the first minute there is little benefit in going back and injecting spam that quickly - to almost everyone it wold look like the spam was always there. The idea of a limit on editing is so that someone can’t go into innocent posts they just spent the last week making and inject spam into all of them once they have moved way down the list where few people will actually see the spam (but where they hope that search engines will).

No, it really isn’t.

In this post:

I accidentally made a politically charged statement. I later realized that this is against Sitepoint’s rules. So I came back in good faith to edit my post before the mods caught it and gave me a warning. But I am unable to make the necessary edit.

Wouldn’t a “nofollow” on all external links provide the same benefit while allowing the ability to correct one’s mistakes?

I think most of us are savvy enough not to click through to spam.

Someone coming back to remove their informative posts would probably have an ax to grind with Sitepoint for some odd reason. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time.

I made a post maybe an hour ago or less that I wished to edit to remove one word. I can’t do it. Preventing editing is more likely to discourage posting and contribution than anything else. Because if I make a post and later realize I made a silly mistake, I can’t do anything about it other than mention it in another post at which time criticism may have occurred. Furthermore, somebody reading a post with an error isn’t going to realize there is an error unless he or she continues reading the rest of the thread to find the post with the correction.

Also, some of us are sticklers for good spelling and punctuation. If I make a grammatical error, it is going to gnaw at me until it is corrected. Like just now, I realized I wrote “a ax” instead of “an ax”. A few minutes from now, I would not be able to correct it.

You could always compose your posts offline in a word processor and check for spelling and grammar if your worried about spelling and grammar.

That shouldn’t be the case but if you have problems, pm a member of the staff with a link to the thread and what you need to have changed. As Hawk commented in this thread previously, you should be able to edit your posts within the week.

If this happened more than once, then let me know and I will enquire about it.

Looks like cheesedude is right, my early post (which I posted about 1 1/2 ago, the edit button has vanished so I think the time limit must be set for 1 hour, it might be longer for staff.

apparently you’re not :smiley: :smiley:

You shouldn’t have any problem till it has no replies, if the thread is live for a long time and you want to make changes to it, the best you can do is contacting the forum moderator


We’ll see how long it is before this post becomes incapable of being edited.

I too posted wrongly regarding one topic unfortunately ,one day later when i tried to edit its not possible .I feel very sory for that posting ,but do provide some option to edit for atleast 2 days…

Right now it seems to be around 25-30 minutes for editing :slight_smile:

It actually used to happen a lot before we changed the rules.

People would post a question when they were new and then months later they would go back and edit (or remove) it because they thought it made them look stupid or they didn’t want clients to see what they had written.