MODS please mark thread as "CLOSED" when you close it

I have just spent 15 minutes on two different threads forming my response only to get a thread closed to new messages message. Plus don’t be so quick to close them. What seemed stupid to you just sparked a well thought out response from me - which I don’t even get to post :frowning:

Sometimes threads become spam magnets, and after the discussion has run its course, the thread is eventually closed because the constant housekeeping on an inactive thread becomes too much work.

To which thread(s) are you referring to?

I get it. Just please put closed in the thread so mes sees it. Thanks. Here was one I’ll look for the other. And here is the other one.

Though the thread title does not say “closed” if you look near the top and bottom left side you should see

instead of

Ahh. Using tapatalk I only see it if you post CLOSED.

TapaTalk shows a yellow lock icon at the bottom right of a thread on pages that list threads, so you can see it’s locked before you enter the thread.

The other thing is that we might have closed the thread while you were in the middle of typing your reply, so although it was open when you started, it would have been closed by the time you finished. Sorry if you feel cheated out of the chance to reply - if you think you could have added something useful to the debate and we’ve closed a thread prematurely (it could even have been by accident, that does happen in some cases), you can use the orange flag to alert a moderator that you don’t think the thread has run its course. We don’t promise to reopen it, but it’s worth asking!

Ahh and so it does. I see it now. Sorry then my mistake.