Locking Threads

Rather than locking threads when OP is not replying, wouldn’t it be better to leave it open to encourage other members discussions?

I mean, If I ask one question, I may be asking it for a lot of different members.
If you keep locking these discussion threads, there will be no discussion.

And this won’t be a “forum” but just a Q&A site.

We usually only close threads where the OP hasn’t returned and there have been a significant number of Spam or fluff posts. As we work hard to delete these and keep the forums clean, it won’t (I hope) be apparent to most members that there has been a problem.

Some areas of the forum are more prone to this than others, so some areas have a lot of closed threads and other areas have very few.

Do you have a particular thread in mind? Also keep in mind, we are fallible (occasionally), so if you feel we wrongly closed a thread, click the orange flag and let us know.

We are more than willing to reconsider our stance, and that is especially true if you were already participating in the thread.