Local hosting affect google bot crawling

hi guys…
my site was hosted in local (iix / indonesia) server before, and they limit international bandwith access, including google bot access. So, my site is not indexed on google search…

now, I’ve move it to US webhosting, it’s work but my site getting slower for local visitor

any Solutions ?


Which host did you move to? If you move to a host with powerful non-oversold servers you shouldn’t see too much difference in page load. You could also work on optimizing your site for faster load.


Find hosting closer to you. Singapore or maybe Hong Kong based hosting may be a solution. I think that idcsoft.com has some servers in the area.

That being said, is the website really that slow? Sure, there must be a difference due to the distance, but how big is it?

Are all US sites slow for you or just your account? It could just be you moved to a new host that overloads their servers.

You can put a site mirror to your local server to serve local users. For example, if the ip is from certain regions, direct them to your local server.

Another important thing you did not mention is sitemap. Try to create a XML sitemap and manually submit it to Google (webmaster tools). This is also very helpful.