Changed hosting and google is not seeing my sites any more


I had bought domains and hosting from godaddy, but the hosting was in asia pacific and the sites were loading very slowly in latin america, where they are supposed to be seen. I changed the hosting and now the sites are not showing any google cache date, although I submitted them again to google on the webmaster tools

any idea what can I do?



Are your sites loading at your end?
Did you check the DNS records properly?
Are you sure new IPs are not blocked and black-listed?

Please do not submit sites more than once to Google, it may block them.
Good luck


I checked DNS and IPs and it’s all looking ok. The sites do load. what else could it be?
someone suggested to write to Google about it, what do you think?


You may contact to Google but must check whether the IPs are white-listed or not.
Good luck.

Looks like you might of had some down time somewhere along with the change in hosts. If so it will just be temporary, just keep building some links to get the google bots back to your site, upload a sitemap…

you might also want to check your url structure. If something is changed then the old pages wouldn’t show up anymore.

Google definitely has a list of IP addresses so you may want to check if the IP address of your server is not being blocked.
Another issue I see is SEO in terms of switching from host to host.