How much hosting factors will affect my seo efforts

Hello, my question is to seo gurus , i am performing seo for my website. I have offshore web-hosting , have good number of unique articles but i am worried that dose this hosting thing will affect my seo too much? should i change the hosting or its fine? Need your advice.

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As long as it’s fast. A slow site will affect your rankings. I don’t think the physical location of your server is a major factor.

Certainly SEO in terms of a hosting company is a different view. Keep watch on the downtime of your site and how much the site is protected from unauthorized access.

However, most of the hosting providers do reasonable good service and you need to concentrate more the on page aspects of your website to get the page ranked highly.

true, but what about this article ?

saying something else

Hosting should always be in the same country that you are targeting, except for a worldwide campaign, as this affects both loading times and also Google uses it in determining SERPS.


More than being in the same place that will position the site, is the server is always stable, do not be taking redundancies. If Google realizes that something is wrong, he drops his position (which has happened to me some time ago in a partnership venture of stupidity).

Simply set the country that you are targeting the site for in your Google Webmaster Tools account and it won’t matter where it is hosted.

This is completely new to me. Please explain!

Google alters its results depending on what country you are in. If you are searching from a computer in England, it will prioritise English sites; if you are searching from a computer in Australia, it will prioritise Australian sites.

It picks up where a site is based by a number of routes, including content, domain name, GWT and country of host. If you use a host based in your country, and tick all the other boxes, Google will know for sure where your site is aimed, so you’ve got a better chance of appearing near the top of searches by people in your own country.

Thanks for that Stevie D :slight_smile:

That was pretty interesting and new for me too
Thanks for info Stevie D , every day i learn something new from you guys :slight_smile: cheers