Live Help?

I’m considering setting up Live Help on my site. I thought LivePerson was the only one at $100/month, but after a little looking around there seem to be a whole lot of them. Which ones should I check out?

Are you going to provide the support yourself? If so, you should probably just install an application to do this. Ie. I found a PHP one here:

Another way is to setup an IM account for this and use one of the currently available scripts on your pages. Hope that helps!


Live Help is definately the way of the future. What type of site will yours be?

My site is retail dealing in dorm room decor. I’m testing BoldChat right now. It has all the features I really need plus there’s a free version before I decide to pay for the $20/month version. At $100/month LivePerson has more features, but I really don’t need them.

It would be cool to get a system going in the future that runs entirely on my own server so I can (likely) make any customizations I’d like.

I consulted one company that used LivesPerson and they loved it. A big plus to your site.

Yes, it costs 100 bucks but they give you a lot of good features. If you don’t need features you can get others for about 60 a month.

All of them are mostly reliable, so you can’t realy go wrong. Just depends on what exactly you need.

dherman76- I actually avoid posting it since these threads show up in search engines.

I’d love to know the URL of your ‘dorm decor’ site - sounds really interesting!

we use Get 1 on 1 and find it does everything we need. It’s also free!

I’ve thought about using phpLiveChat: It looks like it has more features than LivePerson and is a lot cheaper.

I’ll have to check out billiousness’s recommendation.

another free live chat solution that the guys at are raving about is

it’s open source, has a friendly and commited developer and is packed with features. haven’t tested it myself yet but it looks good. :slight_smile:

I would suggest looking into similar to LivePerson but much cheaper.

I talked to the manager of the online sales team at LivePerson. He offered a discounted LivePerson Express package for US $39/month per seat, or US $350/year per seat.

I recently bought , you may want to have a look at. gets my vote. Think it’s like $100 a YEAR and we’re very happy with it.

we have had a great experience with live person.

What I like is Plupper. It’s simple, works with my IM client and for free ;).

i’m using plupper too. It’s pretty mature tool with great REST API.