Live Customer Service

Hi. :slight_smile:

when I visited sites for hosting, I found something is called “Live Customer Service”
It’s for chatting with support team.
I need something like that for my web site.
something appear online if i’m there and offline if i’m not there. (for chatting with customers)

Try Crafty Syntax, working here at

How can you say those are the BEST to buy?

The best ones are to buy.

is there something free???

I didn’t say that, I said the best support platforms are not for free.
The list provided in my post above are just examples.

At you’ll find free ‘chat’ scripts.

Sorry, I misread your post. My mistake :slight_smile:

Hi cs geek,

If you are still looking for the same, I would recommend you to go with the link I have posted below the post. I am sure you would get absolutely what you are looking for.

Chat for your website