Paid or Free live chat software! Which one will be best?

I am planning to have a live chat support. Please suggest which one will work best for an e-commerce startup. Do I need to go with Paid or Free live chat software? I am quite confused!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!:slight_smile:

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Hi elinascott1990 welcome to the forum

Which have you tried?
What did you like and not like about them?


Hey Mittineague :slight_smile: Thanks!

I tried LiveChat99. I come to know about this live chat software a few days back. It’s only free for initial 15-days. But, later it asks for paid subscriptions. During it’s free trial it offer limited access to its features. Real-time visitor monitoring, writing alerts, post chat survey, broad visitor information are a few features that it offers during it’s free trial.

What I like the most is its pricing. It’s available at price package of 7$ per month after subscription.

Is going with this paid chat software will be beneficial or it’s better to try out more free chat software?

I’m a little puzzled, @elinascott1990. Your report of the software you’ve tested is so positive it almost sounds like an advertisement. You even seem to be happy with the price of the paid version. So what exactly is it that you want to know? Only you know the requirements of your business, so only you can judge whether or not a particular software meets those requirements. It seems this one does, so can you explain your issue more clearly?


With so many things, there is no “best”, only “best for your situation”.

We run a WordPress site for our business, and have been using the pro version of WP Live Chat Support. While there have been some bugs along the way, one of the reasons we have stayed with them is the amazing technical support. They have even instituted new features at our request–going so far as to build the features the next day and giving us a cutomized copy of the plug-in. Those features then got rolled into the next build.

Fast response, friendly service, and the ability to handle unusual situations makes it worth the price for our company. You need to decide what’s most important to you and then look for the tools that provide it.


Hey TechnoBear !

Thanks a lot. You let me realize, and now I think I am quite satisfied with live chat by LiveChat99. Now, I am using it’s paid version and I am really enjoying it. Thanks a lot for your views.

there are some free software also giving great work. Take a look at tawk free chat software.

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Thanks ohostme :slight_smile: !

I would like to try it for other sites in future.

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