I have no idea on this

Hi, I have some problem i need to integrate live chat in my website…but i have no idea on this “live chat”…can you help me please on this please how to integrate on my website.

Thank you in advance.

You do not say whether you site is a CMS like wordpress; if it is I would check and see if there is a plugin.

Otherwise I would search the web for some ready built code; Hotscripts used to be good for scripts but last time I was looking for a script quite a few links were broken.

Hi, mysite is not cms or wordpress…are live chat are free?..is it possible also if i am online in my gmail or yahoo they can chat with me?

I made something like that years ago and in that case each post was saved to DB and loaded into a <div> that refreshed via javascript every second or so. Not to hard to do if you think about each part of it.

I am slightly confused by this question. Are you referring to “instant messenger” type services or are you referring to something like Google hangouts?

I think you need a free live chat software, which also very easy to install. There are many live chat available but as per my personal experience you can try eAssistance Pro live chat software, It is not free but you can try 15 days trial version of software to get full overview.