Link to Draft posts section disappeared from Wordpress ‘Posts’ section – no option to access draft posts

We have saved a lot of posts over the last few years as drafts, so that we can edit and then publish them as and when necessary.

However, when we tried to access our draft posts, the hyperlink that appears under Posts > All Posts has disappeared. There used to be an option to access draft posts alongside ‘all’, ‘private’ etc.

Please see screenshot here.

The Wordpress accounts we have logged in with have full Administrator privileges.

We have the latest version of Wordpress installed. Not using any editors like Elementor etc.

How can we access our draft blog posts please?

Thank you.

Still can’t access our important draft posts a few days later.

We tried to deactivate all the plugins. However, once again, the drafts section was not there. Nor did the URLs such as /wp-admin/edit.php?post_status=draft&post_type=post show them.

Any ideas in terms of what else I can try please?

We do have backups of the blog, using different backup methods. Would the draft blog posts be in a particular folder please?

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