Need help with WP

Hi there!

So I have an old blog which I haven’t updated in ages. The domain is like 5 years old or so, it’s just sitting there making a few bucks here and there with adsense.
So I would like to add some new posts with a new theme and with an absolutely different concept.
My issue is that I don’t want to loose the old posts. I still would like those posts to be saved and served when somebody wants to access them (using permalinks).
Is there a way in WordPress to add some posts into some kind of archive that it won’t show in list of posts etc. only if somebody tries to access those posts directly using a link?


No they won’t show up anywhere, only when somebody wants to access them directly by going with full url. But I already found a wp plugin for that, its called hide post.
So its ok now :slight_smile:

You can show what you want. If you don’t want to show old post just edit your theme or widgets (if it shows) and that’s it.

Ok. You have some posts that you don’t want to show up.
But where they show up? On the front page? In the archive page? In the widget?

Lol how do you edit a theme using which the content is generated dynamically. We are talkinag about certain posts, not all of them.

I’m glad you’ve worked it out.