Working through the Build your own Db driven site by Mr. Yank

and as others before me am stuck at the 4th chapter. I installed WAMP and everything worked except I’m stuck at ‘Php will not connect to the MySql server’. I’ve read a bunch - checked the ports to make sure there is no conflict. Checked the php.ini file where folks said they’re could be problems etc… no good. So while rooting about on the WAMP website I doubted I’d installed WAMP for 64 bit machines (Win 7) - so I uninstalled WAMP and tried again. All worked again expect ‘connect’ and after a similar bit of troubleshooting the new installation I still have the same problem.

I read someplace else about 64 bit Windows machines being fussy with WAMP and having to install each bit separately and also a specific MySql which is best for 64 bits machines and am thinking of trying this next. I’d be following this fellows instructions - - and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about me plowing in this direction.

This is the error message in FF - [2002] An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions. (trying to connect via tcp://localhost:3306)

In PhpMyAdmin it’s this - MySQL said: Documentation
#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server’s socket is not correctly configured)

I can happily access MySQL via a command prompt. Seems like it should be something simple but danged if I can find it.
Thanks for your time.

I’ve generally found WAMP to be a buggy unreliable mess – my advice is to try XAMPP instead. Much more stable and better maintained.

I don’t know… Isn’t it important to learn the password bits too? I’ve read that xampp doesn’t require them in MySql… Does that make it difficult to move your content to a host?

Alrighty then… I uninstalled WAMP and installed Apache and PHP… and all is well! I’d have a party if I wasn’t flippin tired of being stuck in the same place… sheesh. Anyway, the mysql install had a hiccup so I uninstalled it and will try again tomorrow.

Why would it, you’d have to change the passwords anyways when uploading… and if it’s local (and kept local) why would you need PW’s? (unless you do something stupid like DMZ yourself)… though if you’re using the same PW’s local as on your host… well… bad practice anyways.

The depth of my ignorance is truly staggering. And thank you - At least now I have a solid plan ‘C’.
I’ll need to google ‘DMZ’ since I surely don’t want to be that stupid!
You old timers must hate newbies like me.

[ot]Careful castleC

You old timers must hate newbies like me.
Elephants remember comments like that for a very long time :wink: Just messing with you![/ot]


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