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Hello. So a teacher wants me to learn JavaScript so I can help younger kids with their JavaScript class, but I have never taken anything that would help me learn JavaScript. What website would you recommend me doing to learn JavaScript?

I think the site point library should be your first stop. There are many published well written books about JavaScript there. My other recommendations would be to devote yourself to one book/series on the topic and stay focused on that content alone. There is so much to learn and so much out there that it can be easy stray from a path and quickly end up not actually learning how to program. I think site point has a book called “modern javascript” that might be a good place to start.

So has the teacher provided you with the course material?
Surely your first step in this is to actually look at the material that the students will be given…

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I know what they are taking. They are taking Acellus, kinda like a building block javascript. Thing is, I am not able to access this site for a couple of reasons.

  1. It takes the school to sign me up
  2. Not allowed to sign up because of my age
  3. Money. Extremely expensive, as there is multiple classes taking this.
    The book that you mentioned as well I will take a look at. Thanks. If anymore advice you can give me, I will take. Thanks!:smile:

I’m going to throw a few out there, ’ JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (2022 Update)', by Andrei Neagoie.

The title may sound daunting, but he’s a great teacher and thoroughly covers the basics. The Q&A section is also very active and Wolfgang the mentor responds at least on a daily basis.

It’s one of the few courses that I have managed to stick at from start to completion (25 hours of video) and I did this in the evenings and weekends whilst working fulltime.

You can pick the course up for around $10 on a Udemy sale.

Another guy who comes across as a decent teach is the Net Ninja. You can find the first 6 parts of his course here
Net Ninja - Modern JS

If you are looking for the ultimate reference guide, then you can’t go wrong with Javascript The Definitive Guide Seventh Edition.

It sounds as though you need to discuss with your teacher what he wants of you, @jcaldwell11. If he expects you to help other students/pupils, he needs to provide more direction than it appears he has offered so far.


But… surely the teacher has to be signed up. Can the teacher not log in (or let you log in) and show you the material?

I find this situation untenable from the teacher’s perspective. They are asking you to learn an entire language for the purpose of assisting students taking a very specific course of instruction.

Should you learn Javascript Regex structure? Well it’s part of Javascript. But is it part of the course? If not, why would you need to learn that to assist students taking the course? What about object manipulation? Class structures? Database-like interactions? Storage concepts? “Javascript” is a very broad language.

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely a great idea to educate yourself on the language as a whole, and rpg gives some great options; but this post was couched in the context of assisting students with a course, rather than simply “I’d like to learn Javascript”, which would imply a time constraint. In which case, its better to “refine your requirements”.


I’ll take all of your advice. Thing is, yes, the teacher is able to login into this website, in order to watch the students progress, but no, he can’t show me because, and not to be mean to him, he usually is a little bit busy helping them by going over to them and asking questions from the teacher. The students are not able to show me because most of the time, they are at music when I go over there. Sorry if I din’t make my topic a little but clearer or anything, but I’ll try.

I’ll definately look into this.

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