Is there an order of learning on this site?

Hi everyone and good evening from Belgrade, Serbia,

I wanted to ask someone if could give me some advice on a few courses here to look in exact order for best learning.
Today I started (and finished :)) Intro to Javascript, but I didn’t so good understood all about OOP in Javascript. Actually, I understood it all, but not was able to finish on my own all tasks from final challenge.

Some concepts from the last parts of Intro to Javascript is not just for beginners, according to my opinion.



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Hey there. Welcome to SitePoint Premium and to the SitePoint Forums, too! Glad to see that you enjoyed the course, sorry to hear that it didn’t quite meet your needs.

Have you looked at the books on SP Premium? There are two beginning JavaScript books that are part of sets:

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a book to learn this sort of thing, or if you prefer the video courses, but anyway that’s a couple of ideas for you.

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Thanks a lot for links. It’s good when someone points you.

I also like to learn from books so I will check these two.
Today, I learnt more about OOP in Javascript on W3C web site,
and now almost undestand everything :smile:
Course met my expectations, it’s great for beginners, but just small number of things can go in deep about OOP.
More practise is what I need. More real life examples.

Thanks again!

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Have you tried


And depending what sort of JavaScript you want to learn may be useful too.



I am registered on since 18th of November,
and finished about a half courses about JS on Codeacademy.

I haven’t heard for, thanks :smile:


Yeah, codecombat is pretty cool. When I first learned of it, I did nothing the rest of the day at work. lol


And I’m proud to say I introduced @cpradio to codecombat. It’s a fun way to practise coding. (Not that @cpradio needed to practise - he was just playing. )


This site is awesome, I feel like a little child… There is one question, what is your age, most population is under 14 ahahhaha

But site is very cool, I am playing (and practising :smile: @TechnoBear , I promise, I will not just play, I will practise to play :smiley:


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