Stuck on learning CSS

Hi all,

I stuck on the point where I can’t learn new things about CSS because I have no resources. I want to learn about CSS more deeply, but don’t know how or where to look. Any tips on learning it? I’m beginner-intermediate level.

Any tips on books or any other resources would be very helpful.


I can heartily recommend the book “CSS Mastery” by Andy Budd. It’s the most in-depth explanation of how CSS works that I’ve found.

It often can come down to someone’s preferred learning style, so I can’t speak for everyone. But when I started to dig into CSS I looked at online articles and explored the CSS of many sites, but got quite confused by it all. So I grabbed a good book and forced myself to read through it step by step, and suddenly I had a clear framework and overall perspective for understanding all the various online articles, forum discussions etc. There are many good books out there, including the ones by SitePoint.

By saying you are at a beginner/intermediate level suggests to me that you have experience in some reasonably complex CSS but that there are some gaps in your understanding that can be quite problematic, which is why I suggest getting an introductory book that will make sure all the fundamental bases are covered—even though some of it be be revision for you.

I second the CSS Mastery recommendation and add to your potential book list the CSS Anthology (from Sitepoint), The Zen of CSS Design (Dave Shea), Eric Meyers duo on CSS and Bulletproof Web Design (with it’s sequal Handcrafted CSS). Their all great titles with their own unique look on working CSS. :slight_smile:

I would also recommend Stylin’ with CSS by Wyke-Smith.

In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter that much which book you choose, as long as it is well regarded. People who learn a language will tend to swear by the grammar book they first learned from, even though there are many good ones out there. It’s nice to have a reference point you know intimately and can confidently turn to when needing help / reminders.


If you are intermediate then I suggest reading through the Sitepoint reference to make sure you understand how things are supposed to work and then you can also test them out in [URL=“”]the live examples.

The two CSS sticky threads at the top of the forum have a lot of common resources that you should also look at and read in detail so that you get a grip on common problems.

You could also Search the forum for other answers as this question is often asked and there are a lot of good comments about already (although you may need to search on a few different criteria to get more relevant results).

The best way to learn is to read the threads in the forum and when you come across something you don’t understand make a note to remember it and then experiment until you understand it.

It mainly comes down to practice and then gaining experience and learning the right way to do something. Just reading a number of threads in the forum will soon show you the right approach and what’s good and what’s thought of as bad.