Learn seo

hello guys, i want learn about SEO. can you give me some tips.

First tip is read throughout the forum well , There are basic site optimization tutorial Google itself , honestly There are so many things in SEO also periodically changing its nature.
There are basically two ways you should follow
1)Onpage optimization
2)Off page optimization

Moz guide to SEO is best to learn SEO basics.


Read all bout Google Quality guidelines

Recently penguin is updated (Oct 4th 13)

Google is a best way for learning the seo.Googlee provide different sites link for providing the information about seo.

Thank you guys…i am sure i have pretty good idea to start.

This forum has an SEO FAQ that will get you started: http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?182915-FAQ-Search-Engine-Optimization

You should also master link building.
Links are vital to SEO particularly backlinks pointing to the site you want to promote!