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Hi All

I am doing SEO work on a website and the keywords are given below:

  1. Award winning web design company
  2. Best web design company
  3. Web design company

I understand these are highly competitive keywords and take a lot of time to rank on Google top of listings.
They are asking me how much time I need to rank these keywords on top of listing. So, please tell me how much time I should tell them to rank it on Google top of listings.

If you’re doing SEO work, then you should know that there is no answer to that question.

Everybody wants to rank their site on top of Google, but there is only one top spot, so not everybody is going to get there. For highly-competitive keywords, even ranking on the first few pages will be difficult.

Exactly how and where the site ranks depends on many things, including the quality of the site itself, and the quality of your competitors’ sites. Yes, there are tricks you can use to try to get your site highly ranked in a short space of time, but once Google discovers this, you may be penalised and drop off the rankings altogether.

Tell your employers that SEO is a long term strategy, not a quick fix. If you take your time and do things properly, then any gains you make are more likely to be stable and permanent than if you cut corners and rush, trying to meet unreasonable expectations.

You did not mention anything about your website domain age, then another thing is On page SEO. It depends upon several factors including audits and analysis. If it is fresh website it will take minimum of three to six months for getting decent traffic.

I note that your client’s first choice for search term is “Award winning web design company”.

I suggest that you tell him that that term is completely useless. “Award winning” is meaningless in marketing terms. I can’t imagine anyone ever including it in a search.