Keyword Ranking Tools


I have a new client who wants reports on their position on Google for a number of keywords. Although I know that results fluctuate with different settings, history, browsers and geographic location, my client still wants this report.

I know of a few such as Ibusinesspromoter, Advanced web ranking, the SEO book firefox extension, but I’m interested if you know of any others I could try out before making a decision?

I need it to be downloadable, I’m not interested in hosted solutions.

Thanks in advance

Try this one I like this tool.

You can compare some positions by Google Monitor with results in this tool

But the problem with the second tool is you have only 3 searches per day.

Thanks, trying out the first one now, it looks really good, but expensive.

The second one you mention seems to only allow searching of one keyword at a time, plus it’s an online tool rather than downloadable software, so not what I’m looking for

Sorry, I got confused there, see it is free software, so not expensive at all lol

I use online :

Keyword Rank Checker

You can import CSV files too.

check it out Rank Checker. this is the best kwd rank checker tool i have seen…


Very neat tool. Unfortunately no way to save or email results.

I think you should go for manual ranking check… Third party tools are little buggy and sometime stick to certain positions.

For the Searching - you can make sure you always check the same way…

  • Logged out of G Accounts
  • Opted out of Personal Search
  • Use the same computer
  • Use the same browser
  • Use the same Search page
  • Use the same Search settings

That should help reduce the likelyhood of “bias” interfering.

These steps will give a pretty accurate results.

Yeah I really like this one, and it’s free. Just a shame it wont show comparisons from previous results. I like to be able to see, position, position last time the search was run, and best position so far.

Looks like I’m going to have to pay about £200 for software that does this.

I wholeheartedly agree it is the best way, but it would take a long time to do and I think I would have to price the service above my clients means, there’s about 400 key phrases to track… At just 2 mins per phrase, flat out that’s 13.5 hours. In reality it would take more than 2 mins per phrase.

Myself, I feel these reports are entirely unnecessary to SEO, but my client wants them. I can only provide them if I can find good software to create the reports.

Yes manual checking is terrible, i don’t understand why google doesn’t give us an API like Bing.

Cute Rank is the better option for this!!

You Can Try Cute Rank really better for checking the ranking!

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Try rank tracker although it is paid but is best…also if you want to go for free tool…rank checker will do the trick for you…

This tool help me for searching keyword rank of my website I am also using this tool because its help me for reducing time lagging while finding the key word rank.

This is, indeed, a hectic task. You can try a tool Called ‘Keyword Country’, it will tell you about the average position of your webpage for a keyword.
Have a look at this video,

You can use --Cuterank— keyword rank checker software.

I’m using market samurai to check my site’s rankings. IMO is the most reliable and powerful tool. You can download the results, and compare to other sites rankings and more. The price for paying lifetime license is around $70+ only. Plus it has lot of features that you can use in your SEO task.

where is Your clinet located and which market are they trying to cater if he lives in uk then result matter the most to him.

Most of the keyword rank checking tools don’t give accurate results. Manual checking is best for the checking of keyword ranking.

I use the rank checker with SeoMoz. They have a 30 day free trial right now, and I’m loving it so far!