Keyword in domain name

How much it is important to have your keyword in the domain name ? and how long(characters) can be the domain name? thanks

I would never go with more than two words. I also avoid separating domains with hyphens (if possible).

It is really importaint. First of all you need an idea of the domain name with 2 or 3 keywords in it. Then you also have to check the competition on google to see for yourself what keywords they use.

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If your goal is to rank for a keyword phrase and you are buying an EMD to do that, this will provide you marginal results at best. Naturally every little bit helps but it isn’t going to be a phenomenal boost for the website. If your only goal is to rank for that phrase and related ones, its probably more important to have an EMD as opposed to if you are building an actual brand.

Here is a good post examining whether or not EMD’s are in decline.



I was important to have keyword in domain. But now game has changed totally. Now Google doesn’t care about domain name.


253 characters is the maximum length of full domain name, including dots: e.g. = 15 characters.

I Would say, keyword in domain name is so much important for every blog or website and 67 characters long including top level domain (4 characters - … com, net, biz).
The characters that can be used for the domain name are letters, numbers, dashes. Special characters like exclamation marks may not be used.

Few years back keyword rich domains were getting more value in ranking. Today, game is changed. Google focus on branding. Keyword rich domain will get more value if all matrices are the same. Domain name can be 67 characters

I agree with you it was previous strategy to rank up a keyword using in domain name but now algorithm has been updated and you can’t rank your keyword only using in domain name. You must do relevant SEO for each keyword.

Check the competitor on search engine to see yourself what keywords they use. Use 3 to 4 keywords with domain name.

If you want to be ranked your website in search engines, then it is better to use some of the best keywords related to your business. Check their competition and search volume before including into your URL.

I would say that it is important to have keywords on a domain name for getting an exposure. Also, it helps in publicizing something.

The presence of the keyword phrase in the domain made it easier to gain a high ranking for that keyword phrase.
With the introduction of recent algorithms such as the Penguin update and the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update, Google has changed how they view domains that include keywords.


Keywords helped in ranking well in SERPs. SE crawlers are more likely to index the “words” written on your domain first. Visitors are more likely to seek out sites that has domain names relevant to the niche.

I usually go for 1 or 2 keywords. It makes domain names look professional and has more “punch” to it, and not too wordy. The obvious reason is that I believe domain names should be short as possible but concise. Having over 60 or 65 characters is too much for me.

If you want to buy domain then buy that in which has a keyword in middle or in last…If you get that domain in which has a keyword in starting then it’ll bad for your website…You can get the good example from SEOMOZ…

It worked in past but in the current situation, it is depend on your business theme, I mean if your website is fresh then you can create it a big brand. But According to EMD (Exact Match Domain) it is not useful to our website but it may create bad impact for our business.

Most of my domains are between 15 and 20 characters. ( is 15). I prefer don’t exceed these because then it would be bit long and hard to remember for visitors. We should have unique domain name and good layout and coloring of our pages to leave a unique impact on our visitor’s mind.

It is important as it carries weight in rankings, but at the same time, safe practices should be followed as per the Google EMD update. Low quality links with exact anchor similar to domain name can get a site penalized.

Regarding length, as long as it is not spammy you can keep it up to 6 - 12 characters. But different people have different ideology.

Here is a real life test. My site name 7 months ago was cute but had no keywords. I moved domains - keeping all the same content. The new domain has 3 keywords in it. The old domain never got above 12,000 visitors per month in 8 years time. After 7 months the new domain is at 84,000 visitors. I believe I was correct. And people should stop believing what they read about the new algorithms.