Length of domain names

I am redesigning a website for a client and have a page which is aimed at and contains content relevant to a keyphrase. There is also an available domain name for this keyphrase. The downside is the keyphrase is lengthy - 30 letters. Is this too long for Google?

It is too long for people. PEOPLE.

Please don’t trying to keyword stuffing in your domian…I have seen many people doing keyword stuffing in their domain

see, it’s very difficult to remember and write on address bar… So it would be more better if you domain will be easy to understand and easy to remember

I think 1-3 words are best for a good domain name. From this people can reach easily to your website.

I think the length of the domainname will not effect in google. because i am having a domain name which is more than 30 characters and i am in first page of google for most of the main keywords

As far as Google is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with having a domain name containing 30 characters or more. The problem is that such a long domain name might be difficult to communicate to potential visitors (will you have to say it over the phone?) and for the visitors to type into their browser. On the other hand, if the name is memorable, and if it accurately represents the aims of the site, then you might consider that it justifies any slight inconvenience.


Domain name matching with your target keywords ,so long name is difficult for direct user so i suggest you to kepp shot name as possible.