Keyword focused stratergies


I am wanting devise an SEO strategy for the company I work for but only have a basic knowledge of SEO.

Can anyone give me some basic methods for targeting particular keywords that I have identified and want to focus on?

I understand that there are methods like Article Submissions, Directory Submissions, Press Releases, On Site Blog Updates, Social Bookmarking that can be used to get links and increase traffic, but I do not understand how these methods can be used to increase my page’s prominence for certain keywords that I have identified that I want to focus on.

Can anyone explain how and if the above methods can be used to increase my page’s prominence for certain keywords that I have identified and any other on and off site methods to achieve this?

Hope this makes sense?!



Hi Glynn01 and welcome to the forums. Have you tried looking at the resources listed in the stickies at the top of the forum? There is a wealth of information there about all aspects of SEO.

Are all you keywords exact match? If they are very specific and you don’t get enough impressions, try “modified broad match” to see if that helps. This allows you to use the advantages of the extended audience reach that “broad match” brings but with a lot more control.

Hi Glynn,

You mentioned Article Submissions, Directory Submissions, Press Releases, On Site Blog Updates and Social Bookmarking. These are all avenues that you should keep in mind. However, from the SEO point of view, they are much less valuable than they used to be. The fact is that search engines - and especially Google - now gives much less weight to these sources, simply because it is aware that they can be manipulated to artificially boost a site’s ranking. (This is essentially what the so-called Panda update is all about.)

Google will now give much more weight to the links that a site gets “naturally” - from other websites, blogs, news reports, etc - in other words, where you don’t have direct control over the content of the site.

And the only way to get such links is to concentrate on developing useful, original content that people will find interesting, recommend to their friends, and mention in the social media pages, blogs and their own sites.

You asked specifically about keywords. I assume you know that the relevant pages on your site should contain the keywords that you want to target, especially in key areas like the page title, main headings and URL. Ideally the relevant words should appear several times in the page, but not to the extent that it makes the page less natural or more difficult to read. As TechnoBear says, there’s plenty of help available on this point.

Good luck with your efforts.


That is simply wrong. Purchasing links does not help with SEO. Even if it did, it would not necessarily bring enough benefits to justify the cost.


Purchasing links is not a good idea as in the end Google would come to know that how you get those backlinks and may ban your website for doing this. So, in my opinion it is good to get backlinks for your website through effective techniques like social bookmarking, directory submission, article submission, blog commenting, forum participation, blog promotion, social media participation etc.