After Panda update new link plan

After the Google Panda, the SEO link building should be viewed from different dimension. Those old tips and tricks, the link building strategies and the direction where we were putting efforts into might require reconsideration.

What is your new SEO strategies?
What strategies work and you get Your KW and traffic back?

The best SEO practices are no SEO practices. If Panda has taught us anything it is that Google is smarter and better than every cheap swindler trying to sell us SEO. If you engage in SEO practices designed to pump up SEO by creative linking strategy or fake sites, you will pay for it.

SEO peddlers are cheap frauds, don’t listen to their false promises, they’ll charge you to go down the checklist of dirty SEO tricks, and then they’ll be gone when Google catches on, updates their algorithm, and your site is suddenly bottom rank with thousands of bad links you can’t get rid of.

Here is my strategies, or at least, to show how it goes for one of my site:

Last year, it was PR3. It had no backlink whatsoever and was doing about 8-9 uniques/day
Then, it went PR2. Since the PR change I had a jump in traffic. About 85-90 uniques/day.
Now, it’s PR1 and the traffic is about 700-750 uniques/day.
I can’t wait my site to be PR0 in order to skyrocket the traffic…

It always helps to keep the content of your website totally unique. Even a sentence that is not original might affect you since Google cannot determine which website has original content. So don’t copy or allow your content to be copied. Be sure to use “nofollow” while linking to many external links to avoid being mistaken for spam.

Google Panda doesn’t require any overnight change in the SEO link building strategy. Still, the links coming out of the valuable sites are going to impact the page rank. However, it is all about the content in form of articles and website content which needs to useful for the users of the websites and not necessarily targetted at the search engine crawlers.

I am worried about my original articles that were picked up from ezine and posted on garbage sites verbatim. Theses sites are so bad there is no contact information. Some link back to my site and credit me as author, some don’t.

Is there anything I can do about this?
Is this something I should worry about as duplicate content? If garbage sites publish my articles am I at risk for not being identified as the original content?

Thanks for your input.

I am using same methods and strategy as my site did not get damage by Google panda.

I always follow the rules.

Just stick with creating new unique content, writing things that people want to read about your sites subject… taking the time to organize your writing into better flowing articles… add bullet points, lists and make it compelling…

Stick to building links with like minded sites and sites with age and authority and over time you will become a winner… stay away from worthless links

just make sure you post unique, high quality articles and you will receive better quality links. Panda didn’t really change strategies as much as it put some over zealous article directories, crap content and duplicate content pushers in their place.

My new link building plan after the Panda update is doing guest posting. I tried to stay away now from article directories and focus more on guest posting.

The bottom line is to get as many link juice pushing links to your website with the keywords you want to get ranked for. So the flavor of the month was article directories for a while, blog commented, forum posting :), etc… It is just a matter of keeping up with ways to make your own links to your site because asking website owners to “trade” links is about the worst way to build many links in my opinion. That should be done as well but you can build so many links yourself that is probably not even needed anymore.


Personally I have become quite dismissive of ‘article marketing’ post the Panda Update. I am more inclined towards blogging and guest blogging now.

Here’s an excellent resource how you can tame Panda and strategize for your next link-building strategy:
Rules of High rankings changed: Surviving Google PANDA update | Keyword Country Blog

My First link plan after panda update is to get out of article submission business. Want to add unique content for each every page of the site. Ultimately number ads especially at the top of the pages must be reduce.

After google panda,
Now i am using pure white hat SEO. Use Good and only original content. Avoid low quality backlinks.

If you wanna, your site safe. then follow only white hat SEO …

Google panda is all about dupicate content and dont need to worry and required to change if you are doing white hat SEO. You need to get links from high quality sites and it will remain same as it was so keep fresh with fresh content and quality links