Keep its projects on code repository is secure?

I want to know whether to keep its open source projects on GitHub or other deposits of this kind without backup of project is it safe?

Is it possible to lose data on deposit as: Github, Sourceforge, Bitbucket

Thank you

Is it possible to lose data on the above services? Yes, if you delete everything or close your account down. Or if the above services in question suffer a catastrophic failure, say hit by a nuke. Otherwise, they have backups.

Thank you for your response!
So in general it is not necessary to make the backups.

By the very nature of version control software, they keep a record of all changes that occur. Thus they already backup at a local level. It may still be wise to backup the full version database to some off site location.

I agree.

As a general rule, for data that is important to you (in other words ‘crucial’), it should be stored in at least two places that are geographically diverse.
With respect to your software development projects you could rely on Github or Sourceforge and also write to a DVD or USB harddrive locally.

I use local drive(s) and a cloud-based backup service for my machines. As far as my development projects; I always have a ‘working’ copy on my machine anyway (containing git commits that have not yet been pushed to Github).