As developers, what do you use to backup your projects?

Im already using git for my code but for design work like Photoshop files im trying to find a good option. Earlier I used Btsync and Syncthing to synch stuff across all machines. But this is unreliable. I just lost some important files. So, as developers, what do you use to keep regular backups?

I’m not saying this is the best, but at work, we use dropbox for all PSD related backups.

I use carbonite to backup important files and folders.


What’s wrong with git? Keep it all under the same tech. Git works fine for design assets.

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I keep most of my projects in git repos now, at GitHub or BitBucket. I also keep all of my project files, working files, archived sites, etc in Dropbox, which is not a backup solution, per se, but it helps. My plan is to implement either CrashPlan or Backblaze on our computers in the next few months as well, as an added security for other files, but I think my development stuff is fairly secure with those tools.

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