Version Control Safety

Hi, I have just learned some things about version control. I find the concepts very useful, thing I have needed for a long time. I am using SourceTree for my version control program. I am interested in trying the Git GUI program as well. My question is, when using version control software do you risk corrupting you file? I tested SourceTree on a FileMaker solution (file) I have. It worked, it made versions and I can revert to different ones. Is this absolutely safe for the file? It feels safe with text, because you see the content, but with binary files it is non-evident how it makes the changes. This makes me feel like I could lose or corrupt the file. Also it makes me feel like I could here a company like FileMaker or Adobe say “we don’t support that!”. Thanks

I don’t think so as that would be a serious bug in any version control software. Of course, bugs happen everywhere so you never have 100% guarantee but I’ve never experienced any kind of corruption.

I’ve never seen corruption of binary files, either - it shouldn’t happen. Sure, with binary files you lose the ability to merge, see diffs, etc. but the file changes are still kept reliably. Git is also not very efficient for versioning big binary files but that is a separate issue. Anyway, no need to worry about corruption.

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Thanks so much for this info!

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