Do I need a Github?

I haven’t used Github before, I want to know is it the good practice to always use github to store our project files over there, I am not sure what much github do, I am using google drive and dropbox to store my files. Please help.

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Well Github is basically a place to share ideas and contribute to open source projects. Storing your files there may get people involved even if you don’t want them to. The only way to protect and set your stuff to private is if you pay a monthly fee of $7 USD. So I would highly recommend that you don’t store your files on Github if you don’t want people criticizing your stuff you put on there.


If you do not want to share your source file try BitBucket, I think your files will be private.


It sounds like maybe you haven’t used Git (or any kind of version control) before? In a nutshell, a version control system allows you to track changes that you make to files over time. Each time you make a change you ‘commit’ (save) it to a ‘repository’ (project folder). You can then examine the past commits to see what was changed and when, and also revert files to an earlier state (to undo changes) if you need.

There’s an article on it here that goes over the basic concepts in more detail. Git is pretty much standard in web development these days.

As pointed out above, GitHub’s free account doesn’t allow you to have private repos, so if you are working on something you don’t want others to see you’ll probably want to use a service like BitBucket, as John suggests.

GitHub is also very popular as an online code portfolio. You can put some examples of your work there for others to check out (e.g. if you’re looking for work).


Why Bitbucket is not popular, everyone talking about github, even they don’t use for commercial projects.

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It will make your life easier, trust me.

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Well, if you are just looking for a storage place to store your files, I’d recommend storing them on your host. That’s if you own one. Most premium hosts will allow you to have unlimited storage or some kind of high storage capacity.

If you want to share ideas and projects, I’d recommend using Github. But if you honestly just want to store files, I would say your host is the best place. You can even compress your file into a .zip file and email it to yourself. Your work will also be stored that way as well.

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