Sitepoint Community

Just want to publicly thank @PaulOB and @rpg_digital for all of their assistance.

I haven’t come across a more willing to help group and specifically individuals than the ones mentioned above.

They have taken the time to practically teach me JS. Personally I feel as though I’ve taken advantage. Yet extremely grateful to be part of such a community of developers so willing to give back and share information.

Super thrilled to have joined the community!


It is always nice that someone recognize the effort other people do and be grateful of the support one’s receive.

Sitepoint forums is very lucky to have both of them on staff. But I am sure that you did your bit and your homework too and tried to make the most of what they tried to teach you.
Beacuse no matter how hard someone tries, there’s no way that you can teach someone if the person on the other end doesn’t put some effort too


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