Promotions all around!

Wow, so I’m really late at getting this going (so apologies to those promoted), but we’ve got a lot of news to announce and all of it fantastic!

Almost a month ago the staff invited @RyanReese and @chrisofarabia to become Mentors. Both of these individuals have shown great experience, skill, mentorship in their responses to other members and have a great attitude towards the web industry, which is something we always look for. Be sure to say “Hi” to them and ask them all sorts of questions in this topic so you can really get to know them. A bit of background: Ryan just adopted 2 kittens who like to wake him up early in the morning, so he has a lot of “new” in his life right now. Chris literally has a room full of guitars, and yes, I’m jealous (but I also have zero skill in playing a guitar… so it is probably better for everyone that I don’t have a room full of them)! Any and All questions are acceptable, ask them embarrassing ones, or comical ones, or even serious ones about their careers in the web industry and their hobbies in their free time… anything goes!

If that weren’t enough news, there is even a bigger one! @TechnoBear has graciously accepted taking my position as a Team Leader! I couldn’t be happier with her taking over my role and stepping into the Blue Light, it was with a sadden heart that I decided to step down, but in the end rose someone who is very worthy of the role and can do great things with it. If you don’t know @TechnoBear, she loves to take long walks, watch boats, and ride bikes (and finds knitting enjoyable… what!!! really?!? Yep, she takes it seriously). So don’t leave her out of any of your questions either! Let’s find fun creative ways to make them blush into their Orange color, or to hold their breath till they turn blue!

So with great gladness, let me introduce to you our new Team Leader, @TechnoBear and our two new Mentors, @RyanReese and @chrisofarabia!


And to start things off!

@RyanReese and @chrisofarabia:
What was your reaction when you were asked to join the staff as Mentors? Excited? Scared? Did you nearly faint of excitement?

What advice would you give others who may also be wondering how to become staff? What do you think the staff saw in you, that others should try to exhibit?

Lastly, I’ve heard that the staff can be a real pain to work with (initially), that their hazing rituals are brutal and they force you to make them drinks! Is any of that true? And how do you think you fared in the whole ordeal?

What on earth were you thinking?!?! Were you crazy to accept such a position?

Was it a big adjustment? Or just another Tuesday?

What are you knitting currently?

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To be honest, it made my day. It’s something I’ve inspired to get for a long time :slight_smile: .

Well, I troll a lot, and I got onto staff. I’m not sure whether that’s related but it’s worth mentioning :smiley: .

I’d just mention that actual activity on the forums is a huge factor. Another thing is to be aware when to be the bigger person and step down from arguments. There are a lot of people in this world that you may find to be …idiotic, for lack of a better word. You don’t have to force them to “see the light”. Make your point and move on :slight_smile: .

Just being active, probably.

Initially? You’re giving the staff too much credit :smiley: .

Nope; hazing wasn’t bad and I greatly appreciated any and all hazing that may have taken place


Congrats guys and gal.

I have not had any real contact with chrisofaraba but familiar with TechnoBear whos profile pic I really like, RyanReese gives good straight answers.

I think good choices for the ones I have interacted with, can’t recall working with chrisofaraba but another good choice i’m sure based on the thought that seems to have been put in.

Now not knowing anyone personally, but for anyone that knows the show King of the Hill, I kind of picture in my brain that Ryan is that type of personality, ya know, do things right and don’t take shortcuts.


I want to offer a hearty C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S to all whom have joined our special family and well-deserved credit to @Technobear.

Hey TB, do you have an account on Ravelry? My wife spends all her free time (and much of my money) there buying/trading/chatting/commenting about Knitting and Spinning.


I know you’ve seen the Welcomes in the Staff area, but nice to have the opportunity to do so in the Public area.

To each of you
Congratulations on your new Staff roles :sparkles:

*hint: do poorly with the coffee and you won’t be asked to do the job

Once the “glamour” wears off, don’t be Blue :wink:


Congratulations to all of you!


Congratulations to all for exceeding the call of duty!


For those unaware, consider that Staff …
are volunteers spending personal time and energies here at the forum freely.

It’s not for love of money $


Congratulations and well done, all three of you have definitely stepped up to the plate with fervor. Keep up the great work and support that you have been providing freely.

Lastly Thank you to all those that support them in their new roles!


Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and good wishes.

“I wonder how many people have already turned down the poisoned chalice before it got to me?”

[quote=“cpradio, post:2, topic:197341”]
Were you crazy to accept such a position?
[/quote]Probably. (There are, of course, those who would argue I’ve been crazy for years, so no real change … )

[quote=“cpradio, post:2, topic:197341”]
Was it a big adjustment? Or just another Tuesday?
[/quote]Tuesday? I thought it was a Wednesday. Or maybe just another manic Monday… (I get confused about these things - it must be my age and condition … )

But a big adjustment? No, not really. I just seem to be getting less respect and more taunting from the rest of the staff than I did before, and that was quite easy to adjust to. Although I was a bit taken aback when @PaulOB joined in with the abuse - I’d always thought he was a gentleman.

[quote=“cpradio, post:2, topic:197341”]
What are you knitting currently?
[/quote]I’d never realised you took an interest in knitting.

I’m currently knitting an emerald green, Egyptian cotton jumper for myself. And I’ve just discovered that my favourite brand of alpaca yarn is on special offer at almost half price. It’s soft, warm, luxurious and usually expensive, so I’m about to stock up on some bargain yarn to make winter jumpers for myself and Running Bear. But before I start work on them, I’m going to knit a very lightweight, alpaca/silk blend lacy shawl to cheer up a friend who’s had a rotten time with illness. It’s quite different to anything I’ve ever knitted before, so I’m looking forward to the challenge.

[quote=“Mittineague, post:6, topic:197341”]
Once the “glamour” wears off, don’t be Blue
[/quote]Glamour? I thought you knew this bunch I have to work with…

[quote=“ParkinT, post:5, topic:197341”]
Hey TB, do you have an account on Ravelry?
[/quote]I do, although I’m not very active. I use it quite a lot to find information about different yarn brands, and to look for free patterns, but that’s about all. Not because I’m not interested, but because I don’t really have the time (or money ) to get more involved. As it is, I have to drag myself away from there any time I venture in.


Congratulations (again?) @RyanReese and @chrisofarabia.

No congratulations for @TechnoBear for having to put up with me more :smiley: but condolences.


Congratulations @TechnoBear and @RyanReese and @chrisofarabia to your promotions!

@RyanReese, I’ve seen you from start and you’ve come a long way. You absolutely deserve this.


Thank you to all for the kind words, and my apologies for not getting here sooner; it’s been one of those weeks, and this one isn’t starting off any better if truth be told - my employer seems to want their pound of flesh at the moment.

Does @molona need another G&T already? OK, I’ll fetch the ice…

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I should also have offered my congratulations to @chrisofarabia and @RyanReese - both on their promotion to Mentor, and on their good fortune in not ending up on my team.

Congratulations, guys - sincerely if belatedly.

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And to you too as well @TechnoBear. @RyanReese as well (far more deserving than I, I hasten to add)

Contratulations @RyanReese, @chrisofarabia, and @TechnoBear on your promotions. All very well deserved.

Ryan and Chris, thank you for joining us. TechnoBear, thank you for leading us.

Blue skies, everyone!


Congrats to all! I really believe @RyanReese deserves the promotion.

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Belated congrats to everyone!

Congrats everyone!