Hi guys

I’m trying to display the navigator with add, edit and delete,
below are the codes,
My First Grid

and below is the .htm
My First Grid

What the hell I’m missing here?, because it’s not showing anything?

Thanks in advanced.

Which web browser are you using, because depending on which one you use, there are some different errors that they can help you to find.

I’m using FireFox 4 and Safari.

Okay, with Firefox you can get a web development extension called Firebug.

In the Net tab of Firebug you’ll see that one of the script files is not loading, because either the HTML script reference is incorrect, or the script file is not on the server where you expect it to be.

If you use Google Chrome, that provides a very nice interface when debugging your code too.


Are you referring to the jquery-ui-1.7.1.custom.css file?

If yes then I’ll try to fix it.

Thanks I’m learning to use FireBug with you.

That’s a part of it, yes.

The other thing that Firebug shows you is in its Console tab, where it shows you the scripting line that has the problem.



On the NET tab of FireBug
Are those URL in red are invalid? Does it means the browser can’t find those links? Correct me if I’m wrong.

By the way I saw what you mean in the Console Tab in Firebug
It’s the “Invalid Object Initializer”.

What is this mean? and how do I fix this?

Thanks in advanced again.

The red line shows a status message of “404 Not Found” so yes, it can’t find that CSS file.

Here’s the line that it’s complaining about:

}).navGrid('#pager',{parameters}, prmEdit, prmAdd, prmDel, prmSearch, prmView);

What part of that line is the object?

Either, provide a proper object initialization, or remove the object.

.navGrid ?

Actually this is a JQuery Plugin, I’m not sure about the –> {parameters}
The Documentation of jqGrid plugin is not really in detail.

I hope you can help me.

By the way this is the documentation.
wiki:navigator - jqGrid Wiki

I’m not sure how to add the parameters?
I hope you can help me out with this.

Thanks again in advanced.

Just remove it until you find a need to have some parameters there.


thanks, because of you the CSS is now working properly,
My First Grid

Anyway my real problem here is to add the Edit and Delete buttons in the Navigator.

Paul have you tried jqGrid before? I’m just curious.

I haven’t used this particular grid, but there are several jQuery grids that exist.
See the jQueryUI blog post on unleash the grid where they list all sorts of other grids that they are taking inspiration from.

With your particular grid, go to its demo page, go to Live Data Manipulation and select Navigator.

You will see a live demo of it in action, along with the code used to achieve it.


Just want to share this to you also.
Actually I found the jqGrid in this url,
PHP Team: 10 jQuery Datagrid Plugins

It’s the first grid in the list.

I’ll try to review your Grid, I guess it’s much more advanced and updated?

It will be, it doesn’t exist yet. jQueryUI still have it under development.

The place to go for jqGrid demos is their demo page.


Cool, I guess this is very helpful,
jqGrid Demos

I really did not found that.
Thanks to you again paul.