Help in debugging jquery applications

I am new to jquery and i know a bit about javascript.
I am having a tough time trying to debug jquery applications using the Firebug. I just don’t understand it once the SCRIPT tab opens up. It opens the jquery.js file but all i want to do is to debug my little portion i have written in jquery. Any video tut that is really lucid or a clear article would help or any other advice
Thanks in advance

Try something like
You paste in your script and it will be really hard and nasty on you and find syntax and basic logic flaws. Once all that is good, you can start looking at the logic.

As to the Script tab, did you mean your custom script was actually named “jquery.js”? You could copy paste your script into here and we could look at it. If you’re new to jquery, Firebug might not be right avenue to take right now.

One thing I’ve learned is to put alerts in the script at certain times to make sure values and such are what you are thinking they should be. So if you have a function when a user clicks on some work or element, put an alert… alert(“they clicked”); as the first line in that function to make sure the function is getting called. For instance.

If you can paste it here, someone might be able to help out.

I want to fade out a simple img but it will not budge till i first fadeIn () the img.
Is that true. if so why is this


$(‘#image’).fadeOut(400); will not work

If not can someone pls forward a simple piece of working code