Can You Design jQuery Grid To Look Better?

Hey there,

This is a design question, but I felt it more appropriate to post with the other jquery threads since it’s jquery-specific…

Allow me to explain…

I have a script up and running that is using jquery grid default install: - pretty much using that 5-column spreadsheet looking layout.

My client wants different icons for the add, edit, delete for example along with some other “let’s make the tabs look different” and make the whole thing a bit more “exciting…”

It’s starting to look like from our research that it’s not as easy to manipulate the design, outside of font color/style and some other css elements.

Is that correct?

If it’s not correct, can someone point me in the direction on how to really improve on the look of the default layout??

Thanks a lot.


I’m not saying it won’t take some time to figure it out, but I had a brief look at it looks like it’s set up to be pretty customizable via css.

Here’s what you do…

install firebug for firefox, goto the page, then press f12 to open firebug.
You can:
-goto the html tab, and keep drilling down through the dom to see what elements and classes are there.
or-right click on an element in the page, and “inspect element” and it will drill down for you.

I haven’t worked with jqueryui, but, the icons look like it’s just a big image sprite file. The css does look a bit intimidating to me though.

Thanks for the lead and direction.

It’s proven to be something a bit involved.

Will do what I can with it.