I've set up a Facebook business page, but I'm not sure I've done it right

I set up a Facebook business page for ‘Holiday Mull and Iona’ last September. I’ve not been very active, but now I want to do more. On the profile page the account name is shown as ‘Holiday Mull and Iona’ (with spaces). Now I don’t seem able to find the page using ‘facebook.com/Holiday Mull and Iona’ (or any variant), I just get a 404 error.
However, if I log in to FB I can find the page, but the URL is ‘facebook.com/pages/Holiday-Mull-and-Iona/116528515122012’.

Is that because that’s my Admin page, or have I perhaps set it up all wrong ? I read that one has to set up a personal account with FB before one can create a business account, but I’m not sure I actually did that (how could I have avoided it ?).

It all seems a bit of a mess, and I’m looking for a way to get it right.

It’s not possible to create a business page without having a personal profile account first.

Did you know you can change the pagename now to: [noparse]www.facebook.com/Holiday-Mull-and-Iona/[/noparse]

if you wanted to?

Just go here:

I went to the link, and it worked - so I suppose you did it right?


Thanks for your reply. I know that link works, but in my (limited) experience, facebook URLs are ‘facebook.com/account_name’. Why is mine apparently so different.

You can set it up like that after you have 25likes, its called a Facebook username

Number of likes is no longer relevant at Facebook. I set up my url the same day as I started the page. However, my page doesn’t use dashes. It is firstWord.secondWord.fthirdWord

That’s interesting, I set mine up only a month ago and you were required to get 25 likes. But your right it doesnt seem to be a requirement anymore.

Thank you, that sheds some light on it. The page has only got about sixteen likes so far. From the nature of the page I’d have hoped for more by now. I think that (amongst other things) it must be difficult to find with it’s strange and unmemorable URL.

But if the number of likes no longer makes any difference, how do I set up a better URL now (such as ‘facebook.com/holidaymull’) ? I’ll go and look at my profile again, but if anyone can tell me I’m sure it will save time.

OK, I’ve worked it out and set a ‘username’. Top prize to FB for obfuscation. I’d never have done it without the help of other Google search results. I set up an entirely new personal account, and found I could set my username for that account under ‘General Settings’, but this wasn’t available to me on the Holiday Mull pages.

What I did (in case anyone else needs to know) was to open a new tab ‘facebook.com/username’. I must have been looged in already, as up popped a box offering to set a user name for my page. Very easy, but it’s taken my a whole day to find this out !