Facebook - separating business and personal?

If I setup a Facebook page for my business, will it be kept totally separate from my personal profile and activity? Basically I don’t want any “friends” seeing any activity related to the business. No “Stef27 just created a business page” or “stef27 posted abc on his page” in their feed.

Likewise I don’t want people who like and participate in my business’ page and activities to be able to see my personal profile name or any of my personal activity.

Is this possible? Anything special to take in to account?

Yes. They are two separate things. You post to your business page as the business, rather than as your personal profile. You just need a personal account to be able to set up a business page. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is possible, Facebook will not relate your page updates to your personal profile, or vice versa.

However, I think it is worth highlighting that you need to check whether you are using Facebook as your self or as your page before posting anything to avoid any embarrassing situation. I’m assuming that you do not want your Facebook friends to relate you with the things you post onto the business page.

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All u need to do is to setup your facebook business page and don’t invite your friends. No one of your friends on facebook won’t know what are u up to.

It is absolutely independent, but sometimes you post as a page or as a user. Keep your eyes open.

Facebook is actually applying lots of validations to check personal profiles and business pages… so while you are promoting your business through face book follow appropriate strategy Using your personal profile you can share links and some information to your friends and followers to give them some updated information about your business.

Yes, its possible. U have ur own personal page. Bt u can create a business page that is totally seperate from your personal page.

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