Facebook Business Page?!?!

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I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with Facebook business page setting up/ options?

Basically, I created a Facebook business page for my friend’s company, uploaded some pics, got few friends to “like” it and etc., but then I realized that you can’t do much with it. It doesn’t show up in search results, you can’t add/ invite people, “like” other pages and etc. Even if you get lot of people to “like” it, it still means nothing since you cant comment “like” other business pages or leave comments. Apparently the way to go about it so to turn one’s personal Facebook profile into a Facebook business page. I never had Facebook profile and my friend who owns the company has one, but he uses his own username/ email and password to log on to it. Facebook business page that I created for him has different username/ password? There are also some rules imposed by Facebook about not operating private profile and business page at the same time, since they can then shut it down.

Can anyone share some insights on this, please? Thanks


Maybe you should create a fan page - I have several fan pages for my stuff. This way you can post news, presentation, info, pics, videos etc… I also have a opt-in form on every fan page.

Some of the fan pages only I can post topics and visitors can post comments, other fan pages both me and visitors can post stuff - and it shows in the SERPs


I can post all those things on the page now but I don’t have a search option to look for other Facebook pages or “like” them if I do find them via Google. But I’ll have a look at fan page option - do you know if it is possible to switch to it, or start from the beginning? Thanks.

you job is not over just created a own facebook page… you have to share daily update of your business service and also share information of interesting offer then people will attract of your business…Thanks

Fan pages seem to be the better option. I have been working on my facebook profile for a while and post a number of blogs with a link back to my page and yet Google analytics dont seem to pick up the traffic as much as I anticipated!!!

People go to social sites to interact which limits the desire to click off. The more you can to bring content on to social networks and social tools into your content, the better you’ll do but you have to look at success as being beyond an immediate click.

I believe creating Fan page like what Crazybanana says are more great thing for you.

Off Topic:

Why is that some of the business nowadays spend a lot of money in promoting their Facebook Fan page/Business Page to be liked. It would be more helpful if they give some discount to the crowd so that their products would be buy more.

Giving away your business doesn’t equate to success.

I guess what Wayne wants to say is that, sort of discount’s (ex: 3-5% In a limited day/s only) are far more better than promoting your business in a TV commercial just to like your business page on Facebook. Well, I respect those companies that really wants their company to be liked in Facebook.

Better how?

I don’t mean giving away business. Anyways that’s just a side thinking of mine only.

Facebook Business page is quite has problem in setting up this time because of new facebook features.

Are you saying, it is hard to set up a Facebook business page? If so, why do feel that way? Have you had trouble in the past?

Wondering if your question is actually about search engine optimization. More seems like you’ve done a facebook fanpage and then going doesn’t that translate to search engines finding the information? Think about which companies are competitors and think about a complete business package. Google+, Linkedin, Facebook, new ones are starting all the time, Pinterest, does the business have a physical location? how about foursquare and check in discounts? making a business easy to find is harder then ever. Sometimes I miss the old just put an add in the local phone books yellow pages days.

check some tips on internet of facebook or u can take help from here…<snip>

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