It's our party, and we'll give away a free CSS video series if we want to!

Everyone likes to celebrate. People enjoy throwing birthday parties, or buying anniversary gifts for their beloved. Today, though, we’re doing it differently: We’re releasing a new course, and we’re offering our 8-part CSS video series free to celebrate!

So for 7 days only, our eight-part CSS Crash Course is FREE (valued at $29.95).

In under three hours, you’ll learn the basics of CSS from our resident guru Kevin Yank, and it will cost you zilch, zip, nada!

Why are we giving you free stuff?

  1. We recognize this is a fantastic product to start you learning CSS.
  2. If you enjoy our crash course—and we reckon you will—you’re going to be amazed at what our CSS Live Course offers.

But that’s all for later. All you need to know right now is that this great product is available free—but you only have 7 days to make it yours. So act now!

A modern browser that allows you to restart failed downloads from the failure point certainly comes in handy in those situations.

That Sarah Taylor is quite a Hawk, isn’t she? She really keeps her eye on things around here! :rofl:

I should have clarified I’ve already viewed the videos, though this page also says what it’s about :stuck_out_tongue:

If it helps, here’s what each video covers.

[list=1][]Inline/in-page/linked css. Differences between Id, class, tag, and link pseudo-class references
]advanced selectors including multiple selectors and class names, child and sibling selector, first-line and first-letter selector
[]text properties such as color, align, indent, points and ems, font families, and sizes
]more text properties such as font styles and weights, line height, font abbreviations, and spacing
[]inheritance and how it applies to some styles but not others
]cascade and how it applies to paragraph and link styles
[*]specs, sitepoint resources, dreamweaver, firebug, zen garden

Thank you my friends. :slight_smile:

I’ve already downloaded the videos (from when the thread got posted) but thought I would just add to the yay for free stuff list :slight_smile:

UPDATE - A big shout out to Sarah Taylor (and anyone else that helped with the fix) for sorting out my video access issues and welcoming me to the forums! I’m downloading now.

I’ll start exploring all the great info here in the next few days. Looks like an excellent place to learn!

Thanks again,

Wow! That’s great…Can’t wait to get my hands on the series :slight_smile:



Hello everybody.

Just started exploring this great site and stumbled across the free CSS video giveaway - Yay! CSS is next on my list of things to learn, so this is a good thing!

However, I’m not able to access the videos after signing up. :frowning: I get the following log in error:

The order number and email address you submitted did not correspond with a customer who has purchased a video tutorial. Please check your email receipt and enter your email address and order number exactly as they appear on the receipt.

I did click the support link, but it only offers a check to see if my product shipped (which of course it didn’t, it’s not a physical product).

I know I have the correct email and order number entered, so I’m stumped. Any suggestions?

Sorry my first post is big, long question rather than a contribution. I hope to remedy that in the near future.

I use help downloader so the download resumes rather than restart

At the time I made the original comment I didn’t realise that the problem was with the download link expiring too quickly. That’s a SitePoint problem rather than a browser problem.

And what browser would that be? I use FireFox 3.6.3 and the downloads failed for me if I added them to Firefox Downloads and tried to do them individually. On pausing them, the link expires. I ended up doing four at a time and then refreshing the page to download and save the remaining videos.

I also question the note that you need Div X software to view these. They are .avi files and work great in Windows Media Player and I imagine they will work great on Macs as well. Although I downloaded this software, the audio sticks and skips like an old LP and the quality is horrid.

Other than that, these video tutorials are excellent. Kevin’s diction is perfect and his instruction are crystal clear as are the video images. Anyone that uses css and does not take advantage of this is making a big mistake whether they are new to css or their skills are advanced!

Yes, refreshing is fine, I just feel the hurt from redownloading from scratch, due to my country’s pay-per-gig bandwidth cap.

it’s a nuisance when downloading via wifi, which after a couple of failed downloads encouraged me to remote desktop to my main machine for the remainder of the downloads.

The videos also helped me to realise that the level of the videos is pitched at the pure beginner, so future videos will need to “sell” their content effectively, as I (and many others) will be unjustly using these CSS videos as a baseline for comparison.

I downloaded the DivX software and then downloaded the videos. When the download stalled I just clicked again and the download started up again. I use Safari 4.0.5

Obviously it not a smooth affair. But who looks a gift horse in the mouth?

This is not a browser issue, because after failing a few times with Google Chrome, I moved on to more experienced downloaders like jDownload. Even that isn’t able to resume the failed download once your credentials time out.

Due to the amount of time that it takes to download video at 30Kbps, once your credentials expire you have no permission to continue even if you were capable of doing so, which is a right pain in the wallet when you have cap on your bandwidth.

I’ve watched the first two videos already and really have enjoyed them! Thanks sitepoint for doing this! Joined up in the CSS class. Looks like a lot of cool fun!

Nice introduction for the CSS Live class :slight_smile:

I didn’t have any problem to download… when I passed the time limit I simply refreshed the page and that was it.

These videos are interesting, but IE6 does certainly rear its ugly head all too often as a limitation on what can be done.

And yes, that short-changed download does become very annoying. In New Zealand we pay for our internet by our usage, so large failed downloads tend to hurt.