For anyone wanting to learn CSS grid

Wes Bos released a free, high quality, video course (free because it was sponsored by Mozilla).

According to the blurb, it’ll take you from fundamentals to real world in about 4 hours.

Great resource. Just wanted to put that out there.


Does he include subtitles?

Yup, or at least I think he does. I have an account, let me just check.

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A quick look at that page shows this:


Yup. Can confirm that the videos are captioned.


Now he has aroused my curiosity… Thanks, TB and @James_Hibbard. Do you know which cdns or other resources I need to allow? I still do not allow JS unless I have reason to trust the site, and his site seems to require JS. Hopefully, it will be less confusing with the appropriate resource allowed. Right now, it’s taking me in a circle.

The site is fully trustworthy. Can you whitelist the site temporarily?


I haven’t been there but three or four times. Downloaded the flexbox course. Looks like I need to download some files from GitHub. Hmmm, no vid files. I’ll just have to poke around the site and see what happens.

Thanks again

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Boo…site is down at the moment (at least for me) :frowning:

Oh noes. It’s there for me.

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I was going to link to this yesterday but got side-tracked.:slight_smile:

Haven’t looked at the videos yet but I followed the flexbox course a while ago which was great so I expect this will be very good also.

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Thank you the course looks great.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll try
and pls subtitles :*

No worries :slight_smile:
It has subtitles.

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