Golden Post - This Guy Just Won A Free Book

I love this post. It’s hilarious. It’s just the kind of entertaining, light-hearted thing that I like to see around this place. As a result, I am awarding @TehYoyo; with a Golden Post award - a free SitePoint book of his/her choice. Nice work.


Thanks? (Yeah! Definitely thanks. :smiley: )

I actually don’t know what book to get. I’ve conned asked my library to buy the Simply Javascript book (which they did) and I have an inter-county request for another book…any suggestions?

But thanks again.

Depends what you’re into. This one is a goodie.
If you’re still not sure, read some sample chapters (we offer them for every book). Might help you make up your mind.

Yeah. I read that one. It’ll probably be a Javascript or PHP book, I’m thinking.


What did I tell you? Acceptance is the first step.

I didn’t know you were THAT far along the addiction cycle though O_o

Well done, TehYoyo. I’d recommed you get jQuery: Novice to Ninja.

I did, in fact, get the book!


Congratulations, @TehYoyo;
Well deserved.

You have been an active and vibrant contributor to SPF since the moment you joined us. It is a pleasure to read your comments, critiques, thoughts, poems, etc.

Haha thanks a lot. :smiley: