Golden Post - This Person Just Won a Free Book

As part of what we call the Golden Posts program, @claro; just won him/herself a free book for this thread. Congratulations!

The question is well thought out and s/he stays in the thread engaging with the respondents. Perfect forum etiquette. :slight_smile:

Another one! Congrats!


Well done, claro! :slight_smile:

Well done! :tup:

Excellent claro! What book do you think you’ll get first?


Congrats Claro and good luck for future

You give away free books for staying active in this forum? That’s cool. I should also be active in this forum then.

You need to be active and make a good contribution to the discussions, if you hope to win a “Golden Post” award. Ask an interesting question (that hasn’t been discussed before :wink: ) or provide some helpful replies and who knows? Next time it could be you. :slight_smile:

Of course, that’s not why we want you to be active on the forums!

There are thousands of posts per day (or really, probably more like hundreds). Just because you post doesn’t mean you’ll get a free book. :slight_smile:

Just be an hq member and eventually you might get one. :smiley:


Just out of curiosity, which book did Claro win? Was it a particular book? Or did Claro get to choose the book? Or what?

As I say, I am only asking out of curiosity. I’m not trying to make a point.


Good day! Congratulations Claro for winning the Free Book. You deserve that prize for being active in this post. I hope you do continue to participate in this community.

Best Regards,

@claro gets to choose, and hopefully will post back and let us know which it was - and maybe even give us a quick review. :slight_smile:

Thanks, TechnoBear. I would be interested to know Claro’s choice.


I haven’t heard back from him/her!

Congrats Claro and good luck for future