It is duplicate meta tag or not?

Hi, All my recent project website change from asp to aspx. I already redirect all asp pages to aspx but the meta tag is same on both, So i want to know that i need to change the meta tag or not.

Google webmaster tool show this is as a duplicate meta tag.

Have you deleted the old pages and set the redirect as permanent? If so, then Google will stop displaying the message once it realises the old pages have gone. In any case, it’s not something to worry about. Google issues these warning more to alert you, in case it’s something you’ve overlooked, rather than to say it’s something you must change.

If you are using a 301 redirect then having the same meta tag is okay for both. But if you have no longer use for .asp then I suggest that you remove its meta tags in order to avoid any conflicts later on.

In permanent redirection your page completely change into new, so there is no need of changing meta tags. May google take a bit more time in understanding that old pages are gone but he will and after that you don’t get any such kind 0f message.