Issue: Redirected pages without inlinks

Analyzing my website with, it indicates that I have 22 Redirected pages without inlinks, and expanding the information:

Issue details:
The destination page of the redirect has no incoming internal links.

In this case, there is no way your website visitors can access it from your website apart from a redirected URL.

How to fix:
Where possible, edit the links on the referring pages so that they point to the destination pages directly.

The issue is that these URLs correspond to galleries and categories of galleries, such as:


And through the website’s menus, you can navigate to all these pages. The problem is that I didn’t design the website, and I don’t know how to solve this problem or why it occurs when you can navigate between all the galleries through the navigation menu. Could someone help me solve this?

What AHREFS is saying is, you’ve redirected to, but you havent updated your website’s links to point at newnews.html, they’re still pointing at news.html.

Go update the links to the new locations.

But if I haven’t designed the website, how can I know why these redirects have been implemented and how to correct them without disrupting the website’s configuration?
agustipardo_23-nov-2023_redirected-page-has-n_2023-11-23_13-21-45.csv (6.8 KB)

If you havent designed the website, you’d have to ask the person who did?


I am asking, obviously, because it is not possible for me.

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