Best way to redirect pages when switching to WordPress

I have several small HTML microsites sites that have been sitting around for several years and I plan to switch them over to WordPress. Though they have little content (most have fewer that 10 pages), they are indexed and have some incoming links. I plan to do a permanent redirect to the new pages. I know that there are plugins for WordPress that can handle the job, but it seems to be a relatively simple matter to add 10 lines to my htaccess and just specifically redirect those pages.

Does anyone think either way is better than the other? The reason?

That’s the way I do it. It’s clean, easy, and there’s not a lot of overhead.

Thanks. I can see using a plugin if there are a large number of redirects but I wondered if I was missing the point when it came to doing it for just a few pages.

The general idea behind the plugins is to make it easier for end-users to add/remove/edit redirects.