Convert .ai file to a .psd

Is there a way to convert a layered .ai file to a layered .psd file?

How can the layers be preserved in the .ai file so they appear the same in the .psd?

Just export the AI file from Illustrator, select PSD file format, then check the option for keeping the layers.

Any options if I don’t have Illustrator?

Photoshop should be able to open the .ai file directly (my old PS 7.0 does), although I’m not sure about full support for layers or other functionality.



Yea, Photoshop will open the file no problem, it just doesn’t preserve the layers.

Photoshop will import flattened AI, without the layers.

Hi, try to make a pdf file and then open it in photoshop or in design.

If you want to preserve (well aranged - at first) layers in photoshop - you MUST have Illustrator - and use EXPORT command. No way to have layers in other way. Bests!