Is It necessary to add keywords in URL?

Greetings all,
Many people say that adding keywords in URLs is easily indexed by google. Will it work for any site? How will it help?

Google looks at a number of factors when indexing a page, and the URL is one of those. So, the URL of this thread, for example, is [noparse][/noparse]. That contains several keywords, which are then repeated in the headings and the content. That should be enough for Google to figure out what the page is about, but sometimes including the keywords in the URL just reinforces that message. It’s also useful for people seeing the URL in a link elsewhere, as it gives them a better idea of what the page is about. But be careful – Google is targeting pages that appear to be keyword-stuffing the URL and they are being penalised as a result. So don’t overdo it!

Keywords in domain are a large part. However google has, in matts own words, “scaled this factor down a couple notches”. If you went crazy (everything in moderation) sure google may penalize you. But if your domain was simply google would not penalize you.

Hi, This is not compulsory, it is a smart trick to rank your keywords. I am not saying only this handles the google ranking, But it affects.

In a simple way, We can do SEO without any EMD domain so it’s not necessary to add you keywords in URL. Other thing is, you need to add some keywords if you have e-commerce site.

Yes, you need to add keywords in URL. This can have effect in case of ranking your website on Search engines. Google indeed crawls the URL, so adding keywords will prove beneficial.

It is not compulsory but Its Good if you add Keyword in URL. The real profit is CTR. Since search engines show the keyword you searched in BOLD within the search results, a lot of individuals area unit probably to click on your listing.

This thread over at SEO talks about the same issue and links to some maps that were recreated by one of the users. They don’t have a copy of the underground city/cavern though. Might be useful to get you started at least:


According to me it is not necessary but having a keyword in your URL is a plus point in it. Suppose you have a site on games and you select your domain as, no doubt google will give more important to your keywords e.g. games.
It will be a plus point in terms of ranking.

agreed with cristin, it is not necessary but it will be considered in your keywords density, which will surely help in your rankings.

The most important question to think about is how will those keywords help human beings? That’s all you need to know.

its very important for google seo & page ranking also helps audience in search engine will know more in the url about your category or post name.
2_ breadcrumbs very important it is play role instead the url and important too in seo search engines

If it means to clarify what’s its webpage is really about, then it can be very helpful. Google needs URLs (and the sites’ content) to identify a webpage and index them. But if you are doing it to manipulate the URL to rank well in SERPs, Google might see it as spamming. Google has now the means to detect such “unethical” behavior. So don’t do it! Keep everything safe.

Optimizing the relevant Keywords in URL are relevancy indicators for search engines, its also one of their ranking factors. On page optimization improves site visibility in search engines, makes the web pages more relevant to a keyword searched and for users to easily differentiate.

No yelp is not a keyword. Or it didn’t used to be. Either use a keyword or spend tons of time and money to make your phrase “tapsiter” a house hold name.