Adding keywords to url for SEO?

Hi, I was wondering how this works. For example, if my URL name is: and I want to add important keywords, would it be ok like this: I mean, for example, if I make an internal link on and name it cookersfridgeswashingmachines.htm, can I then just redirect the name to The objective would be to improve SEO by adding important keywords to the URL, but not changing the basic URL name Thanks in advance

Seriously, don’t waste your time thinking about it, let alone doing it.


I think you’re clutching at mythical SEO straws here.

If you create a URL cookersfridgeswashingmachines.htm and then do a permanent redirect of that URL to the homepage, you are telling search engines (correctly) that the page does not exist. How or why would you expect a non-existent page to help your site in any way?

What is important is the content of your actual pages. Yes, having the keyword in the URL might just give you the edge over another site if all other factors were equal, but it is such a small factor that it’s not worth losing sleep over.

I recommend you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and their guidelines on creating URLs:

You might also find this informative:

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Simple answer is, it doesn’t!

you can add keywords in url for SEO, but does not mean you need a use big URL with all the keywords for ranking…google actually don’t like big URL with stop words…you can use a short URL name and write a big blog post including all your keywords…in this way you will be able to target all your keywords.!!!

but on the same point, would it work if the keywords were added to a page, with content?

Yes, content is the primary place for keywords, the URL is a very long way down the list of where search engines will look for them. Probably as a last resort, if the content is so thin that nothing significant was found there, in which case you are in trouble.

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In your case, you can add separate pages for each of the product that you repair. Add relevant content to those pages according to the repair services you provide. You can add technical procedure on how its done on web pages so that the content will look relevant and it will be easier for you to rank in Google SERP. The more the relevant content, higher the rankings. Also it will be easy to use keyword in URL for that particular page.

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