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Hi all

I’m just wondering how important is it to have your keywords in the URL?

Does it really make that much of a difference?

Thanks for any help.


Every little thing counts when it comes to SEO. Keywords in url is very important. I had a site used to get a little traffic, and then traffic exploded a few days later after I apply SEO to the whole site including keywords in url. It is easy, so it never hurts to do that.

using keywords in your url in my opinion is very important thing to do for optimizing any website. You can easily see tons of example where low quality websites rank for high performing keywords only because they have the exact keywords in their domain or url. However, I would not suggest you to do the same but deploying the strategy to a good website will also help. However, don’t forget the search engine quality guidelines and always follow them. And, yes always write better content in your niche and I guarantee that you will get good rankings easily

I believe keywords in URLs that is time wasting and that never benefit your SEO.
Better get your content optimized.

Having keywords in the URL can make a slight difference to SEO, but nowhere near as much as good content and inbound links.

Which do you go to, or How about or

If you are looking to build a sustainable website with a long-term marketing strategy, your brand is going to be more important. Get the branding right and you won’t need to worry about keywords in your URL.

If you’re going for a quick buck and you don’t really care what happens a year down the line, or building up any kind of customer base, you won’t have time to build a brand so then maybe stuffing your URL with keywords will work.

But sometimes keyword stuffed URLs can work against you. If you search for ‘cheap mobile phones’ and one of the results that comes back is, do you think (a) hurrah! Just what I was looking for, or (b) ooh, that looks dodgy, at best it will just be a portal site with no content, at worst it will be scamming and spamming ?

Matt Cutts said keywords in the URL “does help a little bit.” For more details have a visit at this link Google’s Matt Cutts On Keywords In The URL

If you ll place keyword in url then you ll see it ll take very less time to get high rank for that keyword if you ll do quality link building.

Not sure if this will help but came across this earlier today: 37 points your website needs to be SEO friendly | Dave Cain

In my experience it does help as an element of SEO. You have to bear in mind that search engines take into account many factors so I’d say it helps a bit to have keywords in your domain name and also in your page/directory names.

It should form part of a holistic approach to SEO including good content, good site structure aswell as good use of H tags, titles, etc.

As someone said already, content and inbound links tends to carry more weight but every little helps and especially if you are in a competitive market for your keywords. Many little things done right can make a difference especially if competitors overlook them :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the different info.

Our SEO is already very good and a client wants an update to our CMS to add keywords to the URL to tweak what we already have.

It is going to be a large update to the system so was just checking first.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


Yeah it’s but now a days what people most do is use a sub-domain if they do not have a the keyword domain they want and start doing SEO for that.

It probably gives you a little boost though don’t focus only on URL. Make sure you have good, unique content and your link building campaign relevant to your site/niche.

Hope it helps!

The consensus here appears to be that it will help a little, but you shouldn’t expect it to work wonders in any way.

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