Extra words in URL - Tech Purposes

I am building a website

And my IT team is requiring me to put something in the URL (some keyword xyz after the domain)

domain.com/xyz/I can put name of page here

They are saying this is due to how the application is handled.

My main concern is SEO - will this hurt or will it be indifferent? I was going to choose just some basic word to put there.

I’ve written about this quite recently - rather than repeating it, see this post. In a nutshell - if you can keep the text to one or two words then it might be worth doing (although then you should try to scrap the ‘xyz’ bit) - if you are going to need longer phrases then don’t bother with the words at all.

The extra words that ur IT team is asking u to refer is because the subpages should have a name.For e.g if it is a contact page then it should be domain.com/contact.
Further the subpages name that you put should be search engine optimized as the urls helps you ranking better.


I think format of url should be

domain.com/I can put name of page here


domain.com/xyz/I can put name of page here